Mick Aloha Adventures again

Thank to the Evil King Macrocranios for stopping in to chat. Hopefully next time, we will not have any issues with the call dropping.

Links of interest include a $100,000 Boba Fett (He sucks and is overrated) and Transformers Premiere Edition

33 Responses to “Mick Aloha Adventures again”

  1. The feed was broken. I fixed it once I got home today. It should work now. That is according to Lord Kaosu.

  2. I like how you list Keiko’s blog under your ‘Kickass Websites’ tab on the right, but you don’t list Dowell’s site. I have one thing to say to you: “ONCE AGAIN, MICK ALOHA TRIES TO WOO KEIKO FROM APOCALYPSE DOWELL”

  3. Hey thanks! That\’s a pretty big compliment coming from you (except for the girl part, mister smarty pants!). I was wondering if anybody else thought it sounded like an old episode of the Moon Masters. I didn’t want to seem presumptuous and make the comparison while I was on the show but I was thinking this episode was almost as good as those early Moon Masters. Except of course I don’t have that upbeat, dynamic Apoc presence. It was more like listening to dos Alohas.

    With Skype dropping so much it sure reminded me of those early days when you guys had all those technical difficulties. As a listener I always used to laugh whenever you guys would get disconnected but when it started happening to me I didn’t find it funny at all!

    And the name of the band that sings “Boston” is Augustana.

  4. Good show, I think Evil King kept up with Aloha well where Aloha easily takes over whatever he is talking about. At least he isn’t masquerading as a communist like a guy from Kentucky I know of.

  5. I learned a lot on a Mick Aloha podcast.
    I\’m not used to that.

    Also, Evil King is pretty good as a co-host/guest.

  6. Wait a minute, Aloha, did you post up the MM Transformers episode?

  7. My wife listened to it last night. She said it was impressive how Mick and I were able to talk for over an hour with our dicks in each other’s mouth. (I think someone is jealous. I’ma let the hatas hate.)

  8. How impressed would she be if the connection did not drop and we went of for 3 hours or more?

  9. @Simon
    Moon Masters episode 18, check Past Episodes on the site

  10. Noob, did you just use Twitterspeak?

    Aloha I\’m so happy you\’re back. I can get back to having the good life through you. Bring me my good life dammit!

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