Exclusive Sarah Palin interview

Click here for an exclusive interview with Sarah Palin.

That is the best interview ever!

There Ain’t No Such Thing as Fair-Weather Capitalism

I ended up on Fox Business looking for news about the bailout. This is the first time I watched the network.  CNBC and other “news” shows were at commercial and Fox Business had live TV. I was really surprised to hear what I did on the channel. They agreed with my standpoints. They thought the bailout was a bad idea also. This Cody guy had an awesome quote. “There Ain’t No Such Thing as Fair-Weather Capitalism”. I can not stress that point enough. Looks like I found a new channel to watch.


My apartment stinks of polecat.  While taking a shower, I start to smell a faint trace of something. At first I think it is ganja that the people below me smoke but it has to be strong since I have the window in the bathroom closed. After exiting the bathroom, I notice the entire apartment reeks of polecat save my bedroom. Luckily I had my bedroom door shut since I had the AC on. I had the windows open in the kitchen and living room though and that is where the smell is entering. Apparently the neighbor’s cat that runs free got into it with the skunk and it lost the battle. Now the cat reeks of polecat and it keeps meowing wanting in to the neighbor’s apartment but she won’t let it in because it stinks.  Luckily I can not hear the cat in the bedroom nor can I smell the blasted thing. Hopefully everything will be better tomorrow.


The Top Ten

10. Godzilla

9. Alyssa Milano

8. Tygra

7. Finish Him!

6. Dana Scully

5. What’s the deal with Gorn Nuts?

4. It’s not a tumor!

3. Master Shake

2. Nirvana

1. Chicken Planks

I didn’t realize…

Tom Brady was the backbone of the Patriots’ defense.  Here I thought Bill Belichick was suppose to be a genius. He couldn’t beat one of this shittiest teams in the league, The Dolphins.  I was starting to think that the Patriots could end up with a 9-7 or a 10-6 record but after watching what the Dolphins did to them I am think 7-9 or possibly worse.

I will keep this site up to date…

Or so I like to think. I will try and put out more shitty episodes in the future. I may even write some although my writing skills are poor. Maybe I will sing some karaoke and post that. I could ask questions and ask for answers so that you will write for me.  I could also make up some lies.

What do you think about someone saying that they saw Apoc D’s image in a plate of pasta? How much do you think it will sell for?

I heard McCain is in bed with aliens (the extraterrestial kind not the illegal kind) and they are the downfall of the economy. Any truth to that?

What is the best font to present reports for meetings? I welcome your input although I will probably ignore it.

On a closing note, be sure to invest in moon bucks.

Mick Aloha Adventures again

Thank to the Evil King Macrocranios for stopping in to chat. Hopefully next time, we will not have any issues with the call dropping.

Links of interest include a $100,000 Boba Fett (He sucks and is overrated) and Transformers Premiere Edition

New design loaded

Well since I am stuck in the Phoenix airport, I decided to update Mick Aloha Adventures website.  Let me know what you think of the new design

Almost ready…

I have been cleaning up all the sites of the Mick Aloha Umbrella. It appeared there was a wordpress vulnerability that allowed hackers access to put cookies into php code and redirect traffic to their sites. If you have a wordpress site, you can check to see if that happened to you by looking at your source files and see if there are time stamp dates of april 10 or so 2008 and if you see files with the extensions .jpgg. I can attempt to help you out if this happened to you. The most likely candidate is Simon and the The Wondercast Umbrella. Until next time, Aloha.

Reality intrudes

I can not put out an episode currently. I do not have the time. I should have the new website out this weekend sometime. I will put a brief episode then. I am thinking of a bi-monthly format.  More details to follow.